TB-Auto Corrugated Film Laminator


Functional features

1120 automatic precoating paperboard laminating machine is a new product developed by our company according to the market needs. It is a model designed for the current precoating. The main machine integrates automatic paperboard feeding, fitting and breaking, which is convenient for operation. The machine integrates machinery, electricity and gas, operates stably and is convenient for operation and maintenance.


Structural features:

◇The whole machine is designed with small floor space and convenient operation.

◇Automatic paper feeding, automatic breaking, time-saving, labor-saving and high efficiency

◇The main composite roll adopts large-diameter steel roll and electromagnetic heating system, with uniform and stable surface temperature.

◇Order memory function, one click order change, saving time

◇The main engine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC control system, which can stably and flexibly adjust the working speed.

◇The servo control speed is adjusted by PLC according to the lap length.


Technical Parameters

Model TB-1120FM TB-1320FM TB-1620FM TB-2000FM
Max. Paper Width 1050mm 1250mm 1550mm 1950mm
Cladding temperature 80-120℃ 80-120℃ 80-120℃ 80-120℃
Pressure 0-8MPa 0-8MPa 0-8MPa 0-8MPa
Speed 0-50m/min 0-50m/min 0-50m/min 0-50m/min
Overall Dimensions 2000*5500*1600 2200*5500*1600 2500*5500*1600 2900*5500*1600
Total Power 20KW 20KW 20KW 20KW
Weight 3000KG 3300KG 3600KG 4000KG


Main Components And Origin :

 name Brands and models place of origin
Main Motor 3.7KW Zhejiang
Heating Roller 300mm Guangdong
Rubber Roller 250mm Guangdong
Bearing NSK Japan


320mm Wenzhou
PLC Fatek
Touch Screen Fatek
Switch Electric Zhejiang
Servo Motor 1.5KW Guangzhou
Power Omron Japan
Relay Siemens Germany

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