TB-Fs-A high-speed paste box machine

High speed box pasting machine is mainly suitable for small packaging

Functional features

◇The frame is made of integral steel plate, the thickness of the main wall plate is 20 mm, and the laser cutting technology is adopted. After cold and heat treatment, the rigidity of the whole machine is good.

◇Guide plate adjustment adopts screw double-sided adjustment, and electric adjustment is optional, and upper and lower guide plates can be adjusted at the same time.

◇The paper feeding section is equipped with stepless speed change device and intermittent belt conveying mode, which can adjust the intermittent conveying distance according to the paper length.

◇Pneumatic conveying part, to ensure that the carton paste effect is more perfect, no glue.

◇The machine adopts a new type of imported circular arc tooth synchronous belt and the joint venture brand of Jaguar. The transmission is accurate and stable, with low noise and long service life.

◇NSK Bearings imported from Japan are used for main drive bearings and bearing seats.

◇The flat belt adopts Nitta belt imported from Japan.

◇The whole machine is controlled by PLC, easy to operate; PLC and touch screen adopt imported electrical appliances, stable and reliable, low failure rate. The whole machine is controlled by double frequency converter, which makes the control more accurate.

◇The low-voltage electrical apparatus adopts German Siemens (such as AC contactor, intermediate relay, etc.).

◇Flexible function, according to the selected configuration can meet the various shapes and specifications of carton molding.

◇The whole machine is equipped with two sets of stepless variable speed rectifiers.

◇The motor adopts the well-known brand Dongyuan motor, and is equipped with wireless remote control.

◇The unique pressing wheel design can effectively improve the scissor mouth phenomenon.


Main technical parameters:

Suitable for paper: it can be used for two fold edge pasting, more than 250 grams of paper jam and less than 3 layers of corrugated board.

Common type and size

Carton type and size:

Model 1050Type 1250Type 1450Type


A 1050-350 1250-350 1450-360


B 500-60 800-60 800-60


Size of bottom-locked carton and folding carton
Model 1050Type 1250Type 1450Type
A 10500-350 1250-350 1450-360


B 450-60 700-60 700-80


H 180-20 180-20 100-25


Size of 4 corners box and folding box
Model 1050Type 1250Type 1450Type
A 1000-120 1200-400 1400-400
B 800-130 800-130 800-300
C 150-20 150-20 150-40

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