RSH-V5 Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

This machine is used for supporting the paper roll, supply the paper to the production line

Functional features

◇Each arm setup four directions button, it is easy to operate

◇It can be loading two paper rolls at the same time, without stopping the machine for changing paper

◇The whole machine use 6 cylinders fully hydraulic controlled, hydraulic control arm lift and down, clampingand open, left and right moving

◇Tension control: multi-point pneumatic brakes, brakes good performance, loses heat fast

◇The chuck adopt inner expansion type or teeth type, reduce the destruction of the paper core. saving paper


Technical parameters:

Working wide 1600mm
Paper diameter MAX: 1500mm MIN:300mm
Paper width MAX: 1600mm MIN:800mm
Weight capacity 3 T
Paper head size Teeth 3 inches 4 inches
Brake Spur gear type 4 points pneumatic
Working air pressure 0.4—0.8Mpa

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