Semi-Auto Gluer Machine (Combined pressure model)

A semi-automatic gluing machine (combination pressure model) is the latest development according to the user’s small order.

Functional features

Semi-Auto Gluer Machine (Combined pressure model) is the latest exploit. According
to the small order of the user,
1. It has a small volume and cover small area,
2. Easy operation without of having experience, applicability range is wide.
3. Suitable for small quantity produce and simple to change variety.
4. Ordinary carton and heterogeneous shape can be glued,
5. It saves glue and the glue dosage is one third of the manual glue dosage.
6. Maxium mechanical speed is 56m/min, efficiency is 4 times higher than manualoperation.
7. Adhesive is strong, tidy and not leak glue, UV light membrane and plastic coatedof sticky mouth section can be polished and removed by two-headed burnish implement, improving the glue adhesive and solve the difficulty of some cartons are easy to opening glue problem in some seasons.
8. With manual folding carton, it will improve the work efficiency and suitable for wrong indentation line made by automatic machine, special abnormal shape and cartons with window on paperboard.

Grinding paper department
1. The burnishing wheel is adopt special material for its high hardness and long life,
2.Highspeed burnishing wheel improve burnishing paper effect, efficient cleaner adsorptive the paper scraps, keep clean and tidy work environment.

Glue department
1. Adopt stainless steel bucket for suppling glue, hard to rust, high corrosion resistance.
2. Multiple types of pasting wheel, meet all kinds of production.

Technical parameters:

Model XGM-1500 XGM-1800
Voltage 3-380VAC 3-380VAC
Hz 50/60hz 50/60hz
Power 3.2kw 3.2kw
Current 6.3A 7A
Weight 1.0T 1.3T
Overall size 2200x1900x1300mm 2200x2400x1300mm
Max size of box 1500x1100mm 1800x1100mm
Min size of box 200x260mm 200x260mm

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