TB-1120D Auto Film Laminator


Functional features

◇The pre stacking paper feeding system adopts oil-free vacuum pump suction paper feeding, which can realize non-stop paper feeding and improve work efficiency.

◇Man machine interface system: color touch screen, easy to operate. The paper size, stacking distance and machine speed to be processed can be directly input to realize the operation automation of the whole machine. The operator can view the working status of the machine at any time on the touch screen.

◇The automatic paper feeding system is equipped with photoelectric controlled automatic shutdown protection devices such as paper shortage, paper breakage and paper overlap.

◇The conveying table adopts air suction paper feeding, and is equipped with front rail and other devices to ensure that the paper feeding and stacking are flat and neat, and improve the paper coating accuracy at the same time.

◇External electromagnetic heating system can ensure uniform and stable coating temperature.

◇The automatic hydraulic system can automatically provide stable high pressure to ensure the coating quality.

◇The film is released by the inflatable shaft, the film roll is easy to assemble and disassemble, and the film release positioning is accurate,

◇The film release shaft is equipped with a clutch tension system to control the film release tension and film release speed.

◇Pneumatic slitting system: the operator only needs to input the paper size on the touch screen, and the paper will be cut automatically.

◇The paper unit adopts a brand-new corrugated paper bending system to completely solve the problem of film coated paper receiving.


Technical Parameters

Model 1120-D
Max Feeding Width 1050mm
Speed 0-70m/min
Weight 5000KG
Total Power 20KW
Overall Dimensions 9000*2260*1900mm
Board Thickness 105-500g


Main configuration:

Name Brand And Type Origin
Main Motor 5.5KW Zhejiang
Heating Rollers 320mm Guangzhou
Rubber Rollers 300mm Guangzhou


320mm Wenzhou
PLC Fatek
Touch Screen Fatek
Switch Electric Zhejiang
Servo Motor 1.5KW Guangzhou
Pump Tongyou Zhenjiang
Power Omron Japan
Relay Siemens Germany
Wallboard 20 Hebei
Chain Zhaohe Japan
Bearing NSK Japan

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