Semi-auto stitching machine


Functional features

◇double servo design ,PLC&touch screen control .

◇High speed semi-auto stitching with 600nails/min.

◇Automatic rising feed table keeps sheet high at feeding line for convenient operation , and automatic falling when sheet feed finish .

◇The electronic control system is controlled by PLC and the control system is easy to maintain.

◇Stitching type has single stitch ,double stitch ,and Strengthen the nail.

◇Easy operation and installation .

◇One minute quick change order .

◇The feeding department is automatically counted.


Technical parameter:

Item/model TB-Double servo semi-automatic box nailing machine
Maximum size (length + width) ×2 2800
Minimum size (length + width) ×2 660
Maximum width (width ×2+ height) 1500
Minimum width (width ×2+ height) 330
Total Power of equipment (KW) 6.3
Mechanical length × Width (mm) 2800*2600
Mechanical weight (kg) 1800
Nail spacing (small/large mm) 30-120
Mechanical speed per minute 400
Nail wire type 17、18
Number of nails 1-99

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