TB-1120C Semi Auto Film Laminator (Faster)



Functional features

◇TB-1120C is a high-quality laminating machine with high technical content, excellent quality and novel appearance, which is carefully created by our factory by fully drawing on the advanced technology of similar international products. The machine has the advantages of compact structure, small volume and convenient operation. The whole machine design integrates the excellent performance of a variety of semi-automatic laminating machines, and is equipped with corrugated paper output system and other configurations.

◇Multifunctional dual-purpose machine without adhesive film and pre coating

◇The frequency converter has stepless speed regulation, convenient speed regulation, stable operation and no noise.

◇The enlarged chrome plated roller is equipped with built-in oil heating system to make the temperature more uniform and stable, and the constant temperature performance is excellent.

◇The PLC programming system realizes many functions, such as automatic paper cutting, fault alarm and self-protection.

◇The film is released by the inflatable shaft, the film roll is easy to assemble and disassemble, the positioning is accurate, and the film release tightness can be adjusted freely according to needs.

◇The double channel punching device is convenient for users to select and use different specifications of paper and film.

◇The improved bow and roll adjustment system makes the traction adjustment more convenient and effective

◇This machine can sort out, line up and code the paper. Automatic induction lifting is adopted to save time and labor.

◇Split structure, scrubbing drum and adjusting the machine quickly.


Technical parameters:

Model 1120-C
Max. Feeding Width 1050mm
Speed 50m/min
Temperature ≤130℃
Total Power 12KW
Overall Dimensions 4700*2000*1600mm
Weight 2200KG


Main configuration:

Name Brand And Type Origin
Main Motor 3.7KW Zhejiang
Heating Roller 320mm Guangdong
Rubber Roller 250mm Guangdong
PLC Fatek
Touch Screen Fatek
Switch Electric Zhejiang
Solid State Relay Xingxing Zhejiang
Servo motor 1.5KW Guangzhou
Pump Tongyou Zhejiang
Power Omron  Chiina
Relay Siemens  China

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