Automatic flute laminator



Functional features

◇Suitable for laminating of cardboard and corrugated cardboard in 150-600 g/m2 .

◇The vacuum suction-type feeding system can lead the paper accurately into the machine;cycle stacking planes in a state of non-stop the next batch of paper stack well, so that more efficient.

◇Using suction automatic feeding of bottom sheet, according to the main machine operating speed, continuous automatic tracking.

◇The machine operation is stable, surface paper with corrugated paper joint very accurate. The corrugated paper never pull ahead, surface paper’s location is easy adjust.

◇Machine uses touch-screen/PLC/servo motor control system, double frequency control type , the circuit system is stable, and can automatically display the failure alarm.

◇Automatic gluing, and the glue can be used circulatory, avoid glue waste.

◇Measure roller line-speed design scientifically, avoid glue fly out when the speed is high.

◇Pressure rollers adopt unilateral adjustment, convenient and fast.

◇Cleaning type : bottom roller is extruded by rubber roller to clean the bottom laminating pressure roller, ensure the cleaner on the reverse of the bottom paper . Make glue etc. foreign matter after washing direct subside in tank. At the same time , adopting the gear and chain to control the lifting of tank, can take out the tank easily and convenient to wash .

◇The pressure conveyor adopt floating movable structure , total length 5m , equipped with 28 paper pressing rollers , make the cardboard uniform bearing strength in pressing process.

◇Counter designs scientifically, easy recording the amount you have been worked.

◇Small pressure table (optional) . length 2.5m , big pressure table length 5m.


Technical parameters:

Model HL-1300A-Ⅲ HL-1450A-Ⅲ HL-1550A-Ⅲ HL-1650A-Ⅲ
Max laminating size 1300mm×1250mm 1400mm×1250mm 1500mm×1250mm 1600mm×1250mm
Min laminating size 400mm×400mm 400mm×400mm 400mm×400mm 400mm×400mm
 Economic speed 0-100sheets/min 0-100sheets/min 0-100sheets/min 0-100sheets/min
Laminating precision ±1.5 ±1.5 ±1.5 ±1.5
Power 10kw 12kw 12kw 12kw
 Size 13.5m×2m×2.4m 13.5m×2.05m×2.4m 13.5m×2.15m×2.4m 13.5m×2.25m×2.4m
Weight About 4.8t About 5t About 5.2t About 5.4t
Bottom paper thickness A/B/C/E flute, 3/4/5 layer , less than 12mm thickness
Surface paper gram weight 150-600 g/m2

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