TB Automatic folder and gluer

TB series automatic folder gluer machine consist of three sections: vacuum feeding section,gluing and folding section, counter and stacker section. Frequency conversion motor withquality inverter adjust speed. PLC and Touch screen control system for easy operation andrunning stable.Average speed is 200sheets/min. Energy conservation and high speed,saving labor cost.

Functional features

Feeding section:
◇ Vacuum suction feeding to feed warping paperboard easily.
◇ Quality electromagnetic clutch and brake adopted, feeding section controlled independent,operation easily.
◇ Scorer wheel adjustable, suit for 2-8mm thick paperboard.
◇ Second creasing instruction can impress again the paperboard which was not creased well.

Gluing and Folding section:
◇ Simple structure and high reliability, glue quantity adjustable, cleaning easily.
◇ Stainless steel glue wheel adopted,long life and saving glue cost.
◇ High quality rubber belt adopted,automatic foldin.
◇ With paperboard rectify device and creasing rectify device.

Counter and Stacker section:
◇ Stacking and counting are simple and reliable.
◇ Digital control,operation easily and reliable. No-stop put in data and automatic counting.
◇ With rectification function.
◇ Counting and put out by pneumatic, stable and quickly.

Technical parameters:

Model TB-2000 TB-2400 TB-2800
Max. cardboard 1000x2000mm 1000x2400mm 1200x2800mm
Mini. Cardboard 300x800mm 300x800mm 300x800mm
Installation area 2400x13500mm 2800x15500mm 3000x15500mm
Power Required 11.5kw 11.5kw 11.5kw

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