TB-920 Automatic printing die-cutting with slotting attachment

Functional features

◇International famous brand electric parts and computer software was used in the whole machine(CHINT,DELTA).top-quality and steady;Computer order storage and adjustmen(Beijing kunlun MCGS color touch-screen)t,faster order update and convenient operation(It can storage the 999 orders in the computer)

◇Complete machine baffle and important parts used the temper for decrease the metal internal force; and that parts was made by high precision process center and grinded by digit-controlled grinder

◇All the transmission axle and roller are made by the high-quality steel, temper and dynamic balance ; plated with rigid chrome and grinded surface.

◇All the transmission gear was used the 20 CrMn Ti alloy steel, temper,and that parts was made by rubbing,6 grade precision , it still maintains the high topping precision.

◇The transmission unit(connected with the axle and gear),which adopts the hand-free connecting ring to eliminate the interval , suitable for long-term high-speed running

◇All the transmission bearings were adopts strengthen model bearing , setting the dustproof windtight parts and the oiling, handy to maintenance , suitable for long-term to used

◇The whole machine undergoes the spray lubrication

◇The whole machine adjust presetting function, feeding, printing, slotting, die-cutting, automatic zero setting ,memory automatic reposition

◇The whole machine working interval adjustment was adopted free spanner, which is fast to adjustment, and the electromagnetism brake system with the worm wheel and worm setting, fast and convenient to adjustment

◇The mainframe was controlled by the frequency conversion(Brand:DELTA),start-up, running more smoothly

◇The whole machine adopts computer touch screen phase adjustment。Each unit also can adopt numerical control adjustment


Main technical parameter

NO.  parameter Name  Parameter value
1 Wall thickness 60 mm
2 Max. Speed 250Pieces/min
3 Economic Speed 200Pieces/min
4 Max Printing area 920X1900mm
5 Max. Paperboard Size 920X2000mm
6 Min. Paperboard Size 230mm
7  Printing Precision ≤±0.5(three colors)
8 Standard printing plate thickness 4-6mm

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