Automatic strapping machine


该产品适用于纸箱生产厂家配套粘箱或订箱线使用。可根 据纸箱尺寸自动调节整理打包

Functional features

This product is suitable for carton manufacturers to stick box or book box line. Can automatically adjust and pack according to carton size.

Bundled form: parallel 1-2 channels, photoelectricity,  manual, etc.

Power roll feed line: speed: 45 mm / min.

Bottom bonding surface ≥ 90% bonding width ≥ 20mm bonding position deviation ≤ 0.5mm

The Legron telescopic frame can be configured to connect with other equipment as needed

Transport equipment size: length 3600 × wide 2200 × high 1700mm


Equipment technical parameters:

1、 380V/50HZ 2KW/5A  Power

2、Speed ≥ 15 packs / min. (depending on carton size)

3、 Air :6kg/cm

4、Table height: 850MM

5、Packing size:L(250-1000)×W(320-1000)×(0-350)mm

6、Fit for tying belt : Width :5mm, thickness: 0.6mm

7、Binding form: parallel 1-2 channels, the way has photoelectricity, manual and so on.

8、Noise: under working environment, noise ≤ 75DB


Main equipment configuration

1、With an unmanned pressurized packing machine, the size of the frame is W1250 x H500  Machine outsize W1500 * H660 * L1900mm


2、Electrical configuration:




Botton : Schneider

intermediate relay Japan Omron

Power switch Tai wan MW

indicator Xinjie


thermal relayCHNT

Air Cylinder: Taiwan AIRTAC

Main motor: Tai wan


Bumper steering power roll conveying line

1 、Cylinder is stainless,thickness 1.5mm

2、Bearing: HRB

3、Motor: Taiwan

4、380V/50HZ/400W  Power:


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