Bridge correction machine control system

Functional features

Technical parameters:

★Non-contact detection corrugated.

★High precision correction paper.

★It does not require any adjustment when the width of the paper changes.

★Closed-loop control, continuous operation.

★Full size infrared LED detection, long life.

★At the same time the center and edges of the base correction.

★Bridge  tension control system to ensure that there is a single corrugated paper steady tension.

★Tension control manually controlled by the regulator.

★With auxiliary threading motor. In the new paper, when customer assistance.

★With the paper through the switch. Joints over time cut the tension.

Main parts brand and origin:

Serial number Names and specifications Brand
Correction machine
1 Infrared full-frame wide light curtain FE4021 Germany Lemmer(E+L)
2 Motor (dunkermotoren)
3 Motor drive board Germany Lemmer(E+L)
4 Analog-to-digital, digital-to-analog conversion board Germany Lemmer(E+L)
5 PLC and module, display Taiwan Yonghong
6 Small electric appliances such as buttons and air switch Schneider Corporation of Japan
7 The electromagnetic valve AirTac
8 Pressure gauge SMC
9 Cylinder AirTac
10 Pressure regulator SMC
11 24V Power Supplier Taiwan Mingwei
Tension machine
1 PLC and module, display Taiwan Yonghong
2 Paper feed motor Taiwan Shengbang
3 Button Schneider
4 Air switch on Schneider
5 Contactor, thermal protector Schneider
6 24VPower Supplier Taiwan Mingwei
7 Pressure regulator SMC
8 The electromagnetic valve SMC
9 Pressure gauge SMC

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