GM-30 Double glue machine

Functional features

Technical parameters:

Working width 1800mm
Design speed 200m/min
Economic speed 100–150m/min
Glue volume adjustment range 0.08-0.6mm
Number of anilox roller 32 lines
Preheating cylinder temperature range 150—200℃
Working power 380V  50Hz   9KW
Air source system 0.4—0.9Mpa
Pressing method Pneumatic

Structural feature:

★The double glue machine is a corrugated paper conveyed from the flyover. After preheating, it is coated again with glue and then pasted into the double-sided machine to paste and bond to produce three-layer five-layer cardboard.

★Frame cast iron structure, stable performance, upper middle layer preheater diameter 400mm, increase paper temperature to facilitate glue paste, double pressure roller design glue evenly, stainless steel glue groove, automatic circulation glue supply.

★after quenched of the glue roller surface,the hole machining, surface grinding and doing balancing engraved anilox pit type, coating evenly, less consumption of plastic.

★The transmission of the glue unit is directly connected by the frequency conversion motor through the reducer, and the frequency conversion control ensures that the linear speed of the glue roller is synchronized with the double-sided machine and can operate independently. Use angle sensor, PLC, touch screen man-machine interface display. According to different paper quality, different speeds automatically control the amount of glue, according to the different corrugated shape automatically adjust the gap between the pressure rollers, without accumulating errors.


Main component parameters:


Part name


Specification Surface treatment
Glue roller ¢320mm Round grinding and pressing pit mesh chrome plating
Fixed paste roller ¢155mm Round grinding chrome
Pressure roller ¢150mm Round grinding chrome
Paper shaft ¢128mm Round grinding chrome
Preheating cylinder ¢400mm Round grinding chrome


Main dynamic parameters:

Name Power Voltage Frequency
Rubber roller active motor 4KW*2 380V 50HZ
Glue adjustment speed reducer 200W 380V 50HZ
Roller gap adjustment motor 200W 380V 50HZ
Rubber pump motor 2.2KW 380V 50HZ


Main parts brand and origin:

Serial number Name of main parts Brands or place of origin Remarks
01 Glue roller and paste roller Tiangang 45# steel
02 Preheat roller Tiangang or Jigang Q235B Container board
03 Bearing Japan NSK  
04 Bearing with seat FuJian  
05 Pneumatic Components AirTac  
06 Low-voltage electrical appliances SIEMENS Contactor, relay, button
07 Glue reducer Taiwan city-state or Wanxin  
08 Main reducer Taiwan city-state or Wanxin  
09 Touch screen Taiwan Vinylon or Kunlun Tongtai 10.4 inch
10 PLC and inverter SIEMENS  
11 Timing belt Germany OPTIBELT  
12 Trap Armstrong, United States Float

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