TB-GYS Automatic 5+1 High definition printer slotter die cutter dryer coating machine

Functional features

◇This machine can achievefeeding, printing, drying function one time. It can save operator. It’s a high speed, high efficiency, low consumption of carton production equipment.

◇Human-computer interface, and reserve manual electronic control auxiliary operation function.

◇International famous brand electric parts and computer software was used in the whole machine (Schneider, DELTA). Top quality and steady; computer order storage and adjustment (Beijing Kunlun MCGS color touch-screen), convenient operation, faster order update (It can pre-storethe many orders in the computer)

◇All the transmission axle and roller are made by the high quality steel, temper, thermal refining, and high precision computer dynamic balance correcting; grinded surface and plated with rigid chrome.

◇The driving gear adopt 20CrMnTi ally steel, carburizing and quenching treatment, hardness HRC58-62, with grinding processing, precision level 6, Ensure long time using and tinted with high precision.

◇All connection with keyless between gear and roller, ensuretransmission accuracy.

◇Adopt vacuum feeding in whole process, making paperboard feeding stable

◇Equipped with ceramic roller doctor blade system, making better printing result, precision adjustment system ensure inking ,pressing and other important gap adjustment.

◇Glazing unit and drying unit for option

◇The whole machine undergoes the spray lubrication

◇The mainframe was controlled by frequency conversion (DELTA), start-up, running more smoothlyand energy conservation

◇All the electric part, driving bearing, pneumatic control components, all are national standard.


Main technology

NO. Parameter name Unit model
1 Design speed Pcs/min 200
2 The maximum size feeding paper mm 920×2000
3 The minimum size feeding paper mm 350×600
4 The maximum size of feeding paper by partition mm 1000×2400
5 The maximum size of printing area mm 920×2360
6 Printing precision mm ±0.25(FOUR COLOR)
7 Standard plate thickness mm 3-6mm
8 Printing paperboard thickness range mm 2-11
9 Printing roller adjustment degree 360°
10 Printing roller lateral adjustment mm ±10
11 Slotting precision mm ±1
12 Minimum slotting distance ( same direction) mm 135x135x135x135
13 Minimum slotting distance(opposite direction) mm 270x65x270x65
14 Maximum slotting depth mm 300
15 Die cutting precision mm ±1.5
16 Die cutting knife roller lateral adjustment mm ±10


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