Functional features

Technical parameters:

Working width 1800mm
Design speed 150m/min
Economic speed 100-120m/min
Min. cutting length 500mm
Max. cutting length 9999mm
Cutting accuracy ±1mm,
Working power 380V  50Hz   53KW

Structural feature:

★It can store 200 units orders,replace the cutter specifications quickly and accurately,changing orders without stop,And enables networked computers to facilitate production management.

★Knife shaft drive gears are precision forged steel induction hardening, backlash-free transmission, advanced keyless connection, high transmission accuracy.

★Cutting machine adopts inlaid front steel blade knife spiral structure, serrated knife. scissors, shears, shear force, long blade life.

★Around feed rollers are used  the sun gear platen way, smooth delivery, pressure evenly, easy to crush plate board or cause blockage.

★This model is the braking energy storage (non-dynamic braking), so the energy consumption in the production process, the average electricity consumption is 1/3 of an ordinary NC cutting machine, saving more than 70% power to reach the goal of saving money .

★Precision adjustable no gap gear to ensure precise blade engagement, running balance.

★Knife roller: fine quality forged steel material, the balanced, with good stability.

Main dynamic parameters:


Part name


Specification Surface treatment Special treatment
Cross cutting the upper and lower knife axis ¢216mm Conditioning Dynamic balance
Front lower conveying roller ¢156mm Round grinding chrome plating polishing Dynamic balance
Rear lower conveyor roller ¢156mm Round grinding chrome plating polishing Dynamic balance
Paper shaft ¢160mm Wrapped silicone Dynamic balance
Output sun gear ¢160mm Polyurethane Intensive


Main dynamic parameters:

Name Power Voltage Frequency
Main drive servo motor 37KW 380V 50HZ
Front feed motor 3KW*2(Frequency adjustment speed) 380V 50HZ
Rear feed motor 3KW*2(Frequency adjustment speed) 380V 50HZ
Lubricating oil pump motor 0.18KW*2 380V 50HZ


Main parts brand and origin:


Serial number Name of main parts Brands or place of origin Remarks
01 Box rack Self-produced HT250
02 Knife roll Tiangang Precision Forging 42CrMo
03 Full AC servo motor Shanghai Futian 37KW
04 Paper frequency conversion motor Siemens Bed  
05 Flying shear servo control system Kobe, Germany  
06 Motion control board Germany MKS-CT150  
07 Rotary encoder Germany SIKI  
08 Timing belt Obi, Germany OPTIBELT  
09 Tightening sleeve XianYang ChaoYue  
10 Bearing with seat FuJian  
11 Low-voltage electrical appliances SIEMENS Contactor, relay, button
12 Proximity switch Omron Japan OMRON  
13 Frequency converter SIEMENS  
14 HMI Kunlun State  
15 Sun gear ShenZhen

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