NCBD thin blade slitter scorer(Zero Pressure Line)

Functional features

Technical parameters:

Working width 1800mm
Design speed 150m/min
Economic speed 100-120m/min
Mechanical configuration 7 Knife 12 lines
Min cutting width 140mm
Minimum indentation distance 0mm
Cutter wheel positioning accuracy ±0.5mm
Horizontal movement of the whole machine ±100mm

Structural feature:

★The synchronous servo motor controls the row of knives and wires. Automatic reset. Precise size. Change order time is 15 seconds. The two machines can be used to change orders immediately without slowing down.

★ PLC control system, using CANopen bus system, with order management function, equipped with a synchronous signal input interface with dryer speed.

★HMI with 10.4-inch color touch screen, storage 999 orders, change orders automatically or manually for a single, fault alarm.

★Three kinds of pressure line forms:Convex against the concave(three layers line)、Convex against the concave(five layers line)、Convex against Flat,Three kinds of electric pressure line forms can be converted.Crimping round shades by computer control,linear, and easy to bend.

★Using thin tungsten alloy steel knife,sharp blade,long life of more than 8 million meters.

knife sharpener for computer control,automatic or manual knife sharpener,Cutting edge sharpening can be divided,improve productivity Efficiency.

★Imported synchronous belt transmission is adopted, and the thin blade holder and the crimping seat are supported by linear bearings, and the positioning size is accurate without accumulating errors.

★The cutting and crimping are driven by independent frequency conversion motors. The suction port is automatically positioned with the change order.

★With gas storage tank and low pressure protection function.

Main dynamic parameters:

Name Power Voltage Frequency
Row of single-pole servo motors 0.45KW 380V 50HZ
Slitting inverter motor 7.5KW 380V 50HZ
Pressure line frequency conversion motor 7.5KW 380V 50HZ
Suction outlet frequency conversion motor 0.55KW 380v 50HZ

Main parts brand and origin:

Serial number Name of main parts Brands or place of origin Remarks
01 Frame ShanDong JiNan Q345
02 Rail beam TianJin Q345
03 PLC Programming controller Schneider CANopen Bus system
04 HMI Kinco 10.4 inch
05 Row knife servo control Kinco 500w
06 Row line servo control Kinco 500w
07 Line change control Kinco 500w
08 Suction control Kinco 500w
09 Proximity switch, photoelectric switch Japan omron
10 Relay Schneider
11 Main frequency conversion motor HeBei 5.5KW×2
12 Horizontal motor Shandong Jinzhan Reducer
13 Suction exhaust motor ZheJiang 0.55kw
14 Solenoid valve, cylinder AirTac
15 Bearing HRB or C&U
16 Bearing with seat ZheJiang Wuhuan
17 Tungsten alloy blade Sichuan Boyan ¢260mm
18 Linear Guides TaiWan ShangYin

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