Functional features

The BJ series of gum mounting machine is used to produce corrugated paperboard. The machine can mount the gum on the single and double sides of the corrugate corrugated paper with the plank paper into the corrugated paperboard. The gum mounting roller of the machine has chosen the superior quality seamless steel pipe as its material and has the characteristics such as wear-resisting, long operating life and so on.

Technical parameters:

Model Size Pape thickness Speed Machine size weight
BJ-1600 1600 18 80m/min 2200×400×1500 500
BJ-1800 1800 18 80m/min 2400×400×1500 600
BJ-2000 2000 18 80m/min 2600×400×1500 700
BJ-2200 2200 18 80m/min 2800×400×1500 900
BJ-2500 2500 18 80m/min 3100×400×1500 1200

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