Semi-auto flute laminator


Application Range:

Semi-automatic Laminator Apply to the paperboard and corrugated cardboard to fit.

Functional features

●High accuracy
The German forerunner of adoption ruled a technique before, precision, credibility, the bottom paper ran before never.And face the paper and can run before the bottom paper 0-25. The scope of mm carries on the enactment;

Continuous conveyor can be realized glossy paper, glossy paper between the narrow interval due to have a big waste efficiency of the functioning of machines.

●Operation easy
Scientific and rational design concept, so that the workers of the low proficiency requirements, paperboard and paper paste tile edge of the machine itself to complete. Glossy paper for upgrading the existing system so that the workers placed more easier paper, and greatly reduce the labor intensity of the workers and a high-speed semi-automatic machine supported glossy veneer upgrade systems。

This machine since the in keeping with card paper and the card papers stick to match, and then apply the card paper and A/ B/ C/ D/ E/ F tile papers to stick to match;

●Low Fault
Scientific and rational mechanical structure, together with reliable quality control of imported electrical appliances, machinery to ensure that almost no faults, and fundamentally solve the normal production and the use of manufacturers to worry about.



 Model HL-1300A-Ⅲ HL-1450A-Ⅲ
Max laminating size 1300mm×1100mm 1450mm×11100mm
Min laminating size 350mm×350mm 350mm×350mm
Economic speed 60 sheets/min 60 sheets/min
Laminating precision ±1.5 ±1.5
Power 3kw 3kw
Size 8000x1980x1260 8000x2130x1260
Weight About 4t About 4.5t

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