Functional features

Technical parameters:

Working width 1800mm
Design speed 150m/min
Economic speed 100-120mmin
Hot plate number 600mm×18 piece
Cooling section length 5 meters
Temperature requirements 160—200℃
Steam pressure 0.8-1.3Mpa
Air pressure 0.5—0.6Mpa
Pneumatic pressure plate 14 groups
Working power 380V  50Hz   75KW

Structural feature:

★The double-sided machine is a glued single-sided corrugated paper and facial paper laminated, heated platen heating, glue paste, stereotypes to produce flat cardboard.

★Surface of hot plate is dealed with grinding, hot plate width600mm,in total 20 pieces hot plate,Minister cooling stereotypes 5m.

Hot plate is made adopt container board, enclosed pressure container certificate and inspection certificate.Internal thermal panels for partition isolation structure,s-shaped flow of steam, Steam, water separation function apparent,improve the using rate of steam.

★The hot plate adopts pneumatic pressure plate structure. The pressure plate lifting adopts pneumatic structure. 14 sets of spring pneumatic pressure plates are standard.

★The heat pipe of the heating plate controls the temperature in multiple sections and has a temperature display.

★The upper cotton webbing is automatically centered by the correcting pneumatic valve, and the double cylinder is used to control the S-shaped cotton web tensioning device. The amount of tightening is large.

★The lower belt adopts pneumatic tensioning mechanism, the structure is simple and practical, the left and right of the lower conveyor belt is automatically corrected and aligned, and it can also be adjusted manually on both sides.

★Gearbox drive unit using an independent structure, gear steel ZG-500 number for materials, the use of oil-immersed gear lubrication.

★Electrical components used internationally renowned brands, the device stable and reliable operation.

★Main drive motor for the motor frequency energy, low-speed torque, wide speed range, reliable, easy maintenance.

★The main backbone of high intensity profiles GB, solid structure, beautiful appearance, suitable for high speed working.


Main component parameters:

Part name


Specification Surface treatment
Upper drive rubber roller ¢800mm Covered with wear-resistant rubber
Lower drive rubber roller  ¢600mm Covered with wear-resistant rubber
Front and rear driven belt roller ¢215mm Round grinding chrome plating polishing
Top tension roller ¢155mm Round grinding chrome plating polishing
Upper belt adjustment roller ¢130mm Round grinding chrome plating polishing

Main dynamic parameters:

Name Power Voltage Frequency
Main drive motor 75KW 380V 50HZ

Main parts brand and origin:

Serial number Name of main parts Brands or place of origin Remarks
01 Main skeleton Tiangang or lai gang production profiles NO.36channel and NO.16 I-beam
02 Drive wallboard HeBei  HanDan Q345
03 Heat board Tiangang or Jigang Q235B container board made
04 Main drive motor Siemens Bed 75KW Frequency motor
05 Cotton webbing ShenYang Cotton webbing thickness:9mm
06 Trap Armstrong, United States Float
07 Low-voltage electrical appliances SIEMENS Contactor, relay, button
08 Pneumatic Components AirTac or sono
09 Frequency converter SIEMENS
11 Bearing Japan NSK
12 Bearing with seat FuJian



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