TB-FAHS-1800 Corrugated board production line

Functional features

Technical parameters:

Working width 1800mm
Design speed 150m/min
Bridge layer 2  layer
Working power 380V  50Hz   13KW

Structural feature:

★The part of the flyover is to lift the single-sided corrugated paper produced by the single-sided machine, lift it and transport it to the glue coating machine, apply the glue to the double-sided machine, slowly convey it, and have sufficient paper storage capacity, which is convenient for changing paper and order without stopping.

★Both sides are equipped with safety barriers and security herringbone pedal operation plane is equipped with safety ladder, ensure staff safety and ease of operation.

★All roller surface after grinding hard chrome plating.

★Lifting part of independent frequency conversion drive. The high-strength jointless belt has no corrugation, and the upper layer is conveyed slowly and over a long distance, so it is not easy to break the paper.

Main component parameters:

Part name


Specification Material Surface treatment
Upper paper roller and tension roller  ¢155mm 45# steel Round grinding chrome
Conveyor roller ¢210mm 45# steel Round grinding chrome
Paper roll and paper guide roller ¢128mm 45# steel Round grinding chrome
Paper towing shaft ¢155mm 45# steel Round grinding chrome


Main parts brand and origin:

Serial number Main part name Brand or place of origin Remarks
01 The bridge main skeleton Tiangang or tanggang NO25channel iron、NO18beam、NO12channel iron、NO63angle、60*80squal steel and so on connected。
02 Guardrail Tiangang Ф42mm Low pressure fluid pipe
03 Paper lifting belt Shanghai PVC conveyor belt
04 Cardboard conveyor belt Hebei Parallel transport rubber band
05 Frequency converter TaiWan Delta
06 Bearing Japan NSK
07 Seat belt bearing FuJian
08 Paper width adjustment reducer Shangdong jinbuhuan reducer
09 Paper motor(frequency) Hebei hengshui 7.5KW
10 Conveying roller and paper roller 、over paper roller Tiangang Seamless steel pipe
11 Low-voltage electrical appliances SIEMENS Contactor, relay, button
12 Timing belt Ningbo 8m

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