ZJ-V6B Hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand

Functional features

Technical parameters:

Working wide 1800mm
Paper diameter MAX: 1600mm MIN:300mm
Paper width MAX: 1800mm MIN:800mm
Weight capacity 5T
Paper head size Teeth 3 inches 4 inches
brake Spur gear type 4 points pneumatic
Working air pressure 0.4—0.8Mpa


Main performance characteristics:

★Adopt hydraulic drive to complete the paper clamping, loosen, remove for the medium, translation left and right and others,the lifting of the paper adopts hydraulic drive.

★The brake uses a multi-point brake system, a gear disc structure, equipped with a cooling fan, Yadeke pneumatic components, stable tension, and long life.

★The large-diameter spindle design, the swing arm slides smoothly, and the steel guide rails are treated with high frequency treatment, which is super wear-resistant.

★The hydraulic cylinder is installed on a twisted shaft, which does not bear radial force and is easy to maintain.


Hydraulic system parameters:

Working pressure Hydraulic cylinder working range Hydraulic cylinder working range Hydraulic station motor power Solenoid valve working voltage
16—18Mpa ¢125×440mm ¢80×1300mm 4KW –380V — 50Hz 220V–50 Hz


Mainly purchased parts,raw materials and origin:

Serial number Name of main parts Brands or place of origin Remarks
01 Main shaft Day steel production ¢270mm
02 Swing arm Production by own Resin sand gray ironHT250
03 Wallboard Jigang prduction Q235AWelding parts
04 Bearing NSK  
05 Main electrical appliance SIEMENS Contactor, relay, button
06 Hydraulic station Shandong zaozhuang Taiwan oil pump solenoid valve

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